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Your needs - our goals

As an experienced producer of complementary compressed air systems, we have been keeping a close eye on the changes taking place in the pneumatics market in our country and around the world for many years. The increasing number of application areas for pneumatic solutions, as well as the constantly expanding circle of customers and the growing number of people interested in working with compressed air, are continually changing the face of the industry. For us, these changes represent new challenges to meet the needs of increasingly diverse groups of pneumatic equipment users, and we are happy to take this challenge. We are enthusiastic about the growing popularity of pneumatic equipment also among less advanced users.

Effectiveness without borders

Nowadays, when there are practically no limits to the use of compressed air, we do our best to provide our customers with maximum possibilities of its use - regardless of specialization, qualifications, or advanced level. With our wide range of pneumatic tools, we put compressed air in your hands! Use it in any way you like with the help of reliable Airpress accessories, designed to make your work easier and safer than ever!

Compressed air in your hands!

Years of production dedicated to specialized users and awareness of high expectations towards professional industrial pneumatic equipment, taught us to care about quality and constant improvement of technical parameters of our assortment. By investing in the latest technologies, we have managed to maintain the same standards while developing solutions for less advanced users. Both hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts, as well as professional users, value our tools for their efficiency and long life, convenience, and work safety - the basic features which decide the superiority of pneumatic tools over electric ones.

High quality materials

The solid construction and high-quality materials used in the production process make the Airpress pneumatic tools extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage which can easily happen in various kinds of pneumatic work. Whether you are looking for accessories for more demanding applications or equipment for your workshop - choosing Airpress products is a safe investment in robust devices that will not let you down even under the toughest conditions.

European standards and norms

Production is under the constant control of experts who guard both the quality of our pneumatic tools and their full compliance with the requirements of European standards, including, above all:

  • ISO 11148-6: 2012, concerning safety
  • ISO 12100: 2010, concerning vibration levels
  • ISO 28927-2: 2009, concerning noise levels
  • ISO 15744: 2002, concerning risk assessment and reduction

All tools go through a series of precise quality, performance and safety tests before they reach the hands of our customers. Trust the experts and enjoy the freedom of working with proven and reliable pneumatic equipment!

Ergonomic tools

Understanding the requirements of working with pneumatic tools, we attach great importance to the ergonomics of tools designed by us. Concerned about the health and comfort of users, we make sure that our tools are light, compact, handy, and perfectly balanced, to reduce operator fatigue during work to the maximum. Reduced vibration, minimum noise, and non-slip handles further enhance user safety. Enjoy comfortable and stress-free work without limits!

Professionalism beyond classifications

At Airpress, we believe that everyone deserves the best. No matter if you run a large manufacturing company, a small construction company, an auto repair shop, a one-man handyman business, or intensive DIY in your own garage - we are part of your success. At every stage of production, we do everything possible to make everyone feel like a professional with Airpress brand tools! Check out our range of pneumatic tools today and take your compressed air work to the next level!

Extremely convenient equipment, created mainly for cleaning surfaces before painting and varnishing, as well as for sanding and polishing. Designed for workshop use as well as construction and renovation work, both professional and hobbyist. You will find here air sanders to suit different needs and surface types and sizes, including eccentric palm air sanders and multifunctional brushes with speeds from 3,500 to 12,000 rpm. On all models, we've taken care to reduce operator hand fatigue as much as possible during prolonged use. For more advanced cutting work on particularly hard materials you should choose air angle grinders.

Extremely powerful and efficient pneumatic tools mainly used for cutting and coarse grinding of hard materials such as stone, concrete, ceramics or metal. All models of our air angle grinders are equipped with a special blade guard to prevent uncontrolled spread of sparks and swarf. You will find here grinders with conversion power from 640 to 1,050 W and speeds from 12,000 to 20,000 rpm, that are suitable for working on large surfaces or for workpieces with small dimensions and limited access. For fine and precise machining and finishing of small surfaces, we recommend air straight grinders.

Air straight grinders

Indispensable tools for precision woodworking, stoneworking and metalworking of all kinds. Designed for pre-treatment and finishing work, especially for small parts and details. As compact and handy devices, our air straight grinders allow greater freedom and precision of movement than other types of grinders. Their ergonomic design makes them suitable for grinding, deburring and engraving, as well as cleaning and polishing small, hard-to-reach surfaces. The range includes short and long straight grinders with speeds from 20,000 to 25,000 rpm. For smoothing and sanding large, flat surfaces, we recommend eccentric palm air sanders.

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Pneumatic drills

Lightweight and extremely durable for industrial use, these tools are also ideal for home workshops. They allow drilling both in less and more hard materials. They can also be used for grinding and mixing when equipped with the right tool bits. Our pneumatic drills have special anti-slip handles and professional clamping grips, which guarantee comfortable use. The operator can also adjust the speed of the spindle, which allows you to freely adapt the operation of the tools to the type of materials you are working with. In the offer you will find models with conversion power from 500 to 600 W and speeds from 800 to 2 000 rpm, adapted to work with drills of different diameters. For lighter work with soft materials, consider buying an air screwdriver.

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Air pop rivet guns

Professional tools designed for specialized applications in various industries will also successfully support less advanced users. Perfectly balanced and equipped with a number of conveniences, they guarantee maximum comfort and fully safe use. Their design not only relieves the operator's hands and wrists and ensures free manoeuvring of the equipment but also easy and convenient refilling of oil and emptying of the tip container. Airpress air pop rivet guns allow you to obtain enormous clamping force, which makes them reliable for continuous work with the most challenging materials. Among them, you'll find devices with working pressures from 5.9 to 6.9 bar, suitable for rivet diameters from 2.4 to 4.8 mm, including aluminium blind rivets.

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Air hammer chissels

Functional and powerful tools with extremely versatile applications - a basic requirement for automotive, mechanical and sheet-metal workshops, as well as for industrial and construction businesses. When equipped with appropriate tool bits, air hammers enable such activities as hammering, nailing, chiselling, cutting, punching, forging, profiling, as well as surface cleaning and finishing. Both air percussion hammers and air needle hammers are available - with working pressures above 6 bar and percussion frequencies from 2,500 to 4,600 blows/min. All models are equipped with a switch that allows for infinite adjustment of the tool's speed, thus adapting it to the user's current needs.

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Air reciprocating saws

Reliable and very handy equipment for professional trimming and cutting - once you have selected the right saw blade, it allows you to work with a variety of materials, including metal, wood, fibre cement panels, plastics or laminates. Thanks to their ergonomic and extremely slim design, our air reciprocating saws enable convenient non-straight cutting, cutting at various angles and efficient work in hard-to-reach places. They are used not only in construction, assembly and installation work but also in gardening and all kinds of crafts and handicrafts of varying levels. The impressive number of blade movements per minute guarantee high performance and efficiency and ensure smooth and very precise cuts.

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