Angle grinder 125 mm 1/4" 1134 l/min

The 45425 angle grinder from Airpress has a power of 850 watts and a maximum of revolutions of 12,000 rpm. The sharpener is good for use on farms, mechanical and service workshops, but also on construction sites.

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SKU 45425
EAN 08712418323016
Disk diameter 125 mm
RPM 12.000
Screw thread M14 x 2.0
Working pressure (bar) 6.2
Air Consumption 566 l/min
Max air Consumption 1134 l/min
Size 253 mm
Weight (kg) 1,60

Description of angle grinder 125 mm 1/4" 1134 l/min

The Airpress 45425 angle grinder is a universal machine for discs up to 125 mm with a universal M14 attachment. The conversion capacity of this sharpener is 850 watts. The side handle in multiple positions, the adjustable position of the hood and a handy trigger in the handle ensure safe and comfortable working. The revolutions of 12,000 rpm make cutting and grinding of steel, concrete and other building materials possible with the help of diamond discs and heads. The grinder works very well on farms, mechanical and service workshops as well as in construction sites.


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