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Repair and maintenance of compressors

Can we assist you in any way? Are you experiencing issues with equipment purchased from us? Or do you need technical support for repairing a device from another manufacturer? Contact us directly or through the form. We will respond as quickly as possible!

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The Airpress service is an extensive and dynamically operating technical department specialized in the repair of compressors and other pneumatic devices. We offer a wide range of maintenance services, including primarily: compressor repair (both piston and screw types), periodic inspections of compressors, maintenance work, as well as professional advice on the selection of compressor parts. We also handle tasks related to the overhaul and regeneration of compressors, as well as the modernization of pneumatic equipment. Our qualified personnel, efficient work organization, modern technical facilities, and well-stocked spare parts department allow us to minimize the waiting time for service assistance. Our service is at your disposal in every situation - whether minor or more critical!

Service of piston compressors

and repair of tools and accessories

Reports concerning malfunctions and breakdowns of piston compressors or pneumatic tools and accessories can be directed directly to the staff of the dedicated service department:

email: info@airpress.nl
tel: +32 (0)3 - 820 99 90

Service of screw compressors

The repair of compressors equipped with screw modules is handled by a separate team of specialists. If you want to seek expert advice, preliminarily diagnose the cause of the malfunction, or expedite the completion of your request, contact them directly:

email: info@airpress.nl
tel: +32 (0)3 - 820 99 90

Spare parts

Would you like to order parts for an Airpress compressor? Or perhaps you need to find the right spare parts for a compressor from another brand? Do you require expert advice? Please contact our spare parts department directly:

email: info@airpress.nl
tel: +32 (0)3 - 820 99 90

Repairing compressors is our passion!

The Airpress service staff consists of highly skilled technical personnel who will take care of your equipment at the highest level. The vast knowledge and rich experience of our technicians allow them to quickly, efficiently, and effectively resolve any malfunction.

Additionally, our technical experts are highly specialized in specific types of pneumatic equipment. As a result, repairs are conducted concurrently in three different departments, handling: piston compressors and pneumatic tools, screw compressors, and spare parts.

This structure enables efficient organization of our service operations. In turn, you gain the assurance that your equipment is entrusted to specialists in their respective fields, ensuring that the service is completed in a shorter timeframe.

Leave your compressor in our hands! You can be assured of reliable and professional service.

Wide range of compressor parts available

At Airpress, we maintain solid stock levels of spare parts. These are systematically collected and regularly replenished for both the smooth operation of our service department and retail sales. Therefore, you don't have to wait for weeks for compressor repairs with us! We have all the necessary components on-site, allowing us to commence repair work immediately upon diagnosing the cause of the malfunction.

The Airpress service department also provides professional advice on compressor parts. We have unparalleled expertise in this area! If you need spare parts for your compressor but lack the technical knowledge to make a quick purchase decision, don't hesitate to ask for assistance!

The largest selection of compressor parts available immediately on the Polish market, along with expert advice from Airpress specialists!

Repair of compressors from various manufacturers

We know everything about compressor repairs! We also understand the complex landscape of pneumatic equipment service offerings in the market.

Many compressor users often find themselves without specialized technical support from the manufacturer, and even when available, the repair turnaround times can seem endless. Airpress Service addresses these issues head-on!

As part of our post-warranty service, you can receive assistance with repairing your compressor - regardless of its brand. You don't have to be an Airpress customer to benefit from the technical support provided by our service technicians.

We are here for everyone - competent and always eager to help!

Regeneration of compressors with the option for equipment modernization

Regeneration of compressors with the option for equipment modernization

Airpress service is not just about repairing compressors to fix minor issues and major breakdowns.

As part of our services, our technical department also conducts professional periodic inspections of compressors and pneumatic installations, along with associated maintenance work. These services are available for both business clients and individual customers upon request.

But that's not all! We also offer a wide range of services related to overhauls and regeneration of compressors. Our technicians also perform modernization work, which includes installing additional components or devices to enhance the efficiency and performance of air compressors.

Do you want to equip a piston compressor with a star-delta starter module or schedule an inspection of your installation? Considering installing a heat exchanger in a screw compressor? Contact our experts!

Professional compressor service with modern technical facilities

Airpress Service is equipped with professional tools that support our employees in their daily work. This ensures that customer service runs even faster and more efficiently.

For years, we have been investing in expanding our technical infrastructure to continually broaden our capabilities and improve the quality of our services. This allows us not only to maintain the highest standards of work but also to carry out some construction work on-site.

Benefit from the technical support of a European leader in the pneumatic industry!

Repair of screw compressor

Repair of screw compressor

Repair of two-stage screw compressor

Repair of two-stage screw compressor

Repair of piston compressor

Repair of piston compressor