Swivel Vise 6" 150 x 185 mm

Vise with a jaw width of 150 to 185 mm and with a 360 ° rotating base and various interchangeable jaws is suitable for all kinds of operations such as drilling, sanding, screwing, welding and grinding. This steel vice has a 12-year warranty. Do you have questions? Then contact us.

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SKU 70003
EAN 08712418000597
Span CM 185 mm
Jaw width 150 mm
rotating base 360°
Housing material Steel SC37
Jaw thickness 11 mm

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Description of swivel Vise 6" 150 x 185 mm

Airpress gives a whopping 12 year warranty on the 70003 vice. This is due to the anti-rust chrome-plated spindle. The vice has interchangeable jaws and the jaw width is between 150 and 185 mm. The 360 ° rotating base ensures a smooth direction of rotation. This swivel base is also removable. There is a tube clamp under the pelvis and this vice has (for things to knock or knock around) an anvil and a pin.

The vice is of industrial quality, with completely unbreakable steel body construction made of SC37 steel for maximum durability. The Airpress vice is equipped with a large anvil to handle objects with a hammer and the jaws are toothed to get extra grip on the material. There are two handles on both sides to lock the turntable so that you can work safely.

A = jaw width: 150 mm

C = anvil width: 850 mm

D = minimum depth: 420 mm

D = maximum depth: 500 mm


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