Air nail gun brads utai 90 mm brads included


This nailing machine is suitable for use with, among other things, heavy roofing, squares and the pallet industry. The capacity is 60 nails for a length between 50 and 90 mm. The nailer is in a case with accessories such as a safety rubber to prevent scratching the material. The machine weighs 3.1 kg and works at a maximum pressure of 7/8 bar. Do you have questions? Then contact us.

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SKU 45448-5
EAN 08712418214345
Weight (kg) 3,10
Nail capacity 66
Nail Head 7.0 mm
Maximum nail Length 90 mm
Working pressure 7/8
Air Connection 1/4"


This nail machine (model 45448-5) has a D head nail 34 "and a capacity of 60 nails with a length between 50 and 90 mm. The nail machine is extremely suitable for heavy roofing, squares, pan laths, formwork for concrete, pallet industry, timber frame construction, etc. The nailer has a depth adjustment, so that the nails do not fall through when using for thin or soft materials.The nailer is equipped with an adjustable button for air relief during use and has a rubber handle for a firm grip. in cold weather the compressed air moves in. The nailer is equipped with a nose guard (to prevent nails from suddenly coming loose) .The nailer has a steel holder for grommet (prevents damage to wire in the nailer's aluminum), is provided with a safety rubber To prevent scratches on the material and on the charger, you can see how many nails are still available be ar. The nailer is in a sturdy case with accessories and clear instructions. The nailer weighs 3.1 kg and works at a maximum pressure of 7/8 bar.