Screw Compressor APS 10 Combi Dry X 10 bar 10 hp 920 l/min 500 l

The Airpress APS 10 CombiDry X screw compressor has a 500 liter compressed air boiler and a cooling dryer. This combination provides a compact model that takes up relatively little space. The capacity of this compressor is suitable for damage repair companies, horticulture and medium-sized industry. The service interval, care during the design and the display of the controller ensure a complete and durable compressor.

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SKU 369010
EAN 08712418361773
Weight (kg) 380,00
Length, Width, Height (cm) 167 x 70 x 166
Workload (labor/rest %) 100/0
Motor capacity 10.0 HP / 7.5 kW
Drive Direct driven 1:1
Dryer 230 V / 50 Hz / 1 Ph
Air receiver Yes
Capacity air receiver (l) 500
Maximum pressure (bar) 10
Free air delivery (l/min) 920
Free air delivery (m3/h) 55.2
Noise level dB(A) (0 m) 63
Refrigerant Air
Air Connection 3/4"
Oilfree No
Stages 1
Start Y-∆
Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph
After cooler No
Variable speed (IVR) No

Description of screw Compressor APS 10 Combi Dry X 10 bar 10 hp 920 l/min 500 l

The Airpress APS 7.5 Combidry X is a direct driven screw compressor with a fixed speed. Due to the compact design, this machine does not take up much space, but it does have a 200 liter compressed air boiler and a cooling dryer. The direct drive ensures a 1 on 1 transfer from the electric motor to the screw block, so that no losses occur. A large screw block ensures a high airflow at a low speed. The most important parameters can be read and adjusted on the display of the controller. A large oil cooler with fan, which temperature is switched, provides excellent cooling. The machine has been carefully designed so that fewer parts are maintenance-sensitive and the machine is therefore very durable. The service interval of 3,000 hours also ensures lower maintenance costs.

X series Screw compressors

By continuously investing in the development of our products, the Airpress Group presents a new series of screw compressors. The screw compressors are available from 5.5 kW to 37 kW. The APS X series is available in two versions: controlled at a fixed speed or speed. Machines of 15 kW are also available with a two-stage screw block. These versions have an increased performance with the same power consumption as a single-stage version. Depending on demand, these machines are available as a separate unit, mounted on a tank or mounted on a tank and equipped with a compressed air dryer. Compressors of the X series are characterized by a new generation of screw blocks. The direct drive avoids losses due to the transmission. Reliable and efficient, easy-to-use screw compressors ensure trouble-free operation at minimal costs. Equipped with a modern control panel, you can constantly monitor the screw compressor and change parameters if necessary.


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