Mini Impact Wrench 1302 Nm 1/2" 426 l/min with plugin nipple

It doesn't matter where you are - in the workplace, factory, you can use Airpress pneumatic tools everywhere. The tools offer the best performance, work comfortably and durability and safety are paramount.

The 45406 impact wrench from Airpress is a very light model, with strong power. With a high torque of 1302 Nm you can easily change tires.

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SKU 45406
EAN 08712418322972
Socket drive size 1/2"
RPM 12.000
Torque forwar (Nm) 624 Nm
Max Torque reverse 1302 Nm
Working pressure (bar) 6.2
Air Consumption 102 l/min
Max air Consumption 426 l/min
Length 142 mm
Weight (kg) 1,24


The Airpress 45406 impact wrench is the lightest device in its class. The weight of 1.24 kg and a compact housing ensure comfort even after prolonged use. Like other professional pneumatic tools from Airpress, this impact wrench has a composite housing with a non-slip handle for better ergonomics. Despite its small size, this key achieves a high torque of 1302 Nm thanks to the use of an efficient Twin Hammer impact system. The impact wrench is equipped with an L / R rotary switch and three-stage power control. The 45406 Airpress impact wrench can be used in tire service and mounting tapes.


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