Impact Wrench 4150 Nm 1“ lightweight 282 l/min 6000 rpm

This impact wrench from Airpress is a very powerful device for a 1-inch driver, the impact wrench has a torque of 4150 Nm.

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SKU 45467
EAN 08712418346800
Air Connection 1/2"
Socket drive size 1"
RPM 6000
Torque forwar (Nm) 2441
Max. unscrew torque (Nm) 4.150
Working pressure (bar) 6.2
Average air consumption(L/min) 282
Length 324 mm
Weight (kg) 6,50


The 45467 impact wrench from Airpress is the most powerful device with a 1-inch driver. Thanks to the relatively light design and the short axis, you can even work in a limited space. The composite housing and the shortened tool shaft have reduced the weight of the device to 6.5 kg, which greatly facilitates user comfort. The high torque of 4150 Nm means that this key is used in workshops of trucks, agricultural machinery, railways and other demanding fields.


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