Impact Wrench 1800 Nm 1/2" 582 l/min with plugin nipple

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SKU 45411
EAN 08712418322989
Socket drive size 1/2"
RPM 8.000
Torque forwar (Nm) 1112 Nm
Max Torque reverse 1800 Nm
Cut-in pressure (bar) 6.2
Air Consumption 144 l/min
Max air Consumption 582 l/min
Length 187 mm
Weight (kg) 1,91


The Airpress 45411 impact wrench is the most powerful device in the ½” class. The used Twin Hammer percussion mechanism ensures a maximum torque of 1,800 Nm and 8,000 rpm. The composite housing and non-slip handle increase comfort considerably.

The L / R rotary switch and 3-stage power control make the device very versatile and widely used in mechanical workshops, production lines or mobile services.


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